Events: Agenda NYC 2015 Recap

On Monday Will and I decided to meet up before our trade show adventures for some brunch at Penelope NYC.

We contemplated ordering cinnabuns to hold us off until our food arrived but we ended up opting for their delicious Apple Cider Mimosas instead (strongly recommended!)

What's On the Menu: 

Salmon Wrapped Poached Eggs 

Brunch Burger on a toasted english muffin

2x Apple Cider Mimosas

After a satisfying brunch meal we made our way over to the Jacob Javitz Center to check out the Agenda NYC tradeshow.

Spotted: Julian over at the Native shoes booth discussing the brand and potential opportunities with the other 2/3's of the Campus Mercante team!

Not only did Agenda carry street wear but they also welcomed Leica Craft to come by the show and have their own installment. My love for Leica's stems from my early introduction to them as a kid. It was one of the first camera's I ever held. My grandfather and dad both owned one and I'd occasionally learn and watch them create art. Here's a picture of one of their glass case installments at their booth!

Agenda is just as much about the apparel as it is about the culture. I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with some great creatives. 

Bottom Left: Theophilius Martins

Bottom Right: Knarly DB (Visual Merchandiser for RockSmith)

Spotted: Will caught me slippin' as I rested my feet for a brief moment before exploring the other half of the show!


Meet: Phetus88

This has to be one of the coolest cats I met at Agenda these past two days. We bonded over his art and my bamboo earrings which he thought were dope. His graf style is very raw with a dose of some cartoon influence. Phetus88 was behind most of the art over at the SlamxHype photobooth!


Spotted: Will, David, Akeem Chris and Myself getting quirky over at the SlamxHype booth two days in a row


Highlight: While walking around the show and talking to some new faces I bumped into someone that looked awfully familiar. After hearing his voice and seeing the infamous beard I realized that I was face to face with queen's finest Action Bronson! He didn't hesitate to take a pic with ya girl!

After a long day of networking, exploring, connecting and good eats its safe to say that this years Agenda was a success! Looking forward to the next one this summer! Until then let's hit the market week after parties!