Birthdays: Happy Birthday Kenny!

Kenny is 1/8 of Video Production crew Suspects NYC. He is our storyboarding artist/behind the scenes curator. The fact that Kenny is such a humble and gullible soul made it easy for us to fool him into getting to 100 Montaditos on his 19th birthday. When he arrived he was greeted by a rowdy and overly excited group of Suspects, his best friend, balloons and some delicious red velvet cake from Rudy's Bakery & Cafe . 

Make a wish Kenny!


Toasting to life and another year of good health and prosperity!

After dinner we made our way over to Mikey Likes It Ice Cream over on Avenue A to try some of their new flavors! I was expecting to see Mikey but instead I was greeted by the the store mascot.

Mikey's new assortment of flavors were all delicious to say the least! I was having a hard time choosing my favorite until I came across the Material Girl Flavor. How could I pass up a flavor dedicated to Madonna? Or better yet a flavor that was made up of passion fruit ice cream, oreos and white chocolate kit kats? As soon as I read the ingredients and tried it my tastebuds had made their decision. 

Since Kenny was the birthday boy they decided to give him something special to try! He ended his night and satisfied his sweet tooth with Mikeys new spin on hot chocolate. The hot drink is served with a scoop of your favorite ice cream, whipped cream and it is garnished with chocolate covered marshmallows to seal the deal!

What's on the Menu:

Ebony & Ivory Hot chocolate w/ a scoop of Foxy Brown