Adventures with Friends: Late Night Marauders

It's always a good feeling to catch up and unwind with friends that you haven't seen in a long time. This past Thursday I got the chance to sit down and catch up with my good friend DJ/ Producer Ricci SteezWe stopped by Kellog's Diner, a popular local diner over in Williamsburg for our usual artist talk. 

What's on the Menu:

Green Tea with a slice of lemon


We spoke about the 80's and 90's sound in music and how it inspired our culture and craft in this day and age. One of the arts that we agreed is most inspired by music is dance. To further prove our point Ricci went ahead and showed me a scene from one of his favorite dance movies titled Breakin'. I was blown away by the amount of control that the dancer had while dancing with a broom.  Watch for yourself below! 

After our Kellog's pit stop we went on a very spontaneous exploration of Williamsburg. Here's some of the shots I caught of Ricci in the midst of!